Hey there! I celebrated my 25th birthday in April and, like most, was greeted with an array of beautiful messages from my friends all over the world. It was pretty eye opening. Handfuls of my friends wrote on my ‘wall’ & privately messaged me to use their birthday greeting as a way to thank and to tell me how much they are inspired by me. Even people I’ve never met. It took my breath away. Especially this one:

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 11.49.30

I went to high school with Sally, 10 years ago. We’re Facebook friends, but haven’t physically spoke to or seen each other since probably our last business studies class back in 2007 – so you can imagine how touched I was by this message! And it’s true, I AM all of those things – all because I decided I wanted to be. But I had no idea how much my being affected other people. I was lost for words. Everyday I share pictures and quotes and articles that influence me to keep on keeping on – as a way of saving the things I like the most so I can go back and read them and, I guess, in the hopes that they may affect others in the light they affect me. I didn’t realise how many people actually noticed and were encouraged by what I had to share.

Being told I inspire others has consequently inspired myself. Inspired myself to start writing down my own thoughts on the universe and our minds, so instead of just sharing other peoples thoughts and ideas I can share my own. AND I get to show you that YOU, anyone, everyone can be anything they want to be. Here goes!!


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