That’s a statement I didn’t think i’d ever have the balls to say. Ha!

The Lumiere skin clinic in Manchester invited me for a complimentary treatment. They gave me a couple of options from their seasonal Party treatments.  I couldn’t decide and so I asked for a consultation with Dr Nicole and I’m so glad I did.

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Not only was she absolutely lovely; together we went through a complete run down of every aspect of my skins needs. More or less as soon as I sat down she asked me if I had rosacea. Now, i’ve never been diagnosed with anything but for around 3 years i’ve battled with a little rash on my cheek and always but it down to a reaction from eating foods I shouldn’t. To hear a diagnostic from a dermatologist was music to my ears! Finally, I can use the correct products to treat my skin, rather than just the trial and error guessing game i’ve been through these past few years.

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It came to the part of the skin run down where she asked what I liked/disliked about my features, un-evenness etc. This was hard for me because, to be honest I’m quite happy with myself. I mentioned that I sometimes notice when I half smile one side of my lip goes up more than the other and immediately she responded with: “yes, that’s because you use the muscles on the right side of your mouth more than the other, look” and she handed me a mirror, “you have a deeper smile line on that side of your face – is that the side you sleep on?” indeed, it is.

We decided, because of the sensitivity of my skin and with the rosacea diagnostic it might be best we leave any sort of micro needling / skin peels. She offered to even out my smile line and fill out my top lip slightly. Did you know the ‘ideal’ top to bottom lip ratio is 1:1.6?


Once the numbing cream was applied I can honestly tell you the procedure was absolutely painless. It took about 2 days for my lips to settle. I felt like I had a duck lip for those first 48 hours, and i’m not going to lie… I was a little scared i’d be left with sold sticky out lips forever! However, I woke up on day 3 and the hyaluronic acid had completely softened and I was IN LOVE with my new lips. It’s sooo subtle, my mum didn’t notice at all – and that’s exactly the effect I wanted.


A huuuge huuuge thank you to Dr Nicole and Lumiere Clinic Manchester for taking the time and inviting me to your clinic, I couldn’t recommend you enough. ❤


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