New Year, Better Me

Hi. Where were my December beauty favourites you might ask? I’ll talk about that in this post.

Firstly, Happy New Year! I LOVE the feeling of a new year, fresh starts – the beginning of anything you want. It always gets me thinking, what do I want?! Maybe that’s why December has been so hard for me this year.

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Mental health is no joke. Take care of your mind just as much as you take care of your body. This month a lot of repressed emotions came to the surface for me, feelings and thoughts i’ve been masking for a hella long time. And i’ve gotten so great at putting a happy face on – I come from an entertainment background after all. I finally FELT all of the feelings i’ve been keeping in and I’ve been the lowest I have ever been. Negative thought’s about my life path, my finances, my love life and to round it all up my overall state of happiness. I was in a bit of a slump throughout December, I’d wake up… stare into space, scroll my social media apps, cry, take a nap and then repeat the process. Which is why there was no December faves. I had no care to write them. Then it got to the Christmas period, i’d taken a little action and i’d decided I needed to make some changes – but it was Christmas, everyone is on pause for two weeks and so I couldn’t take any action. It’s currently 1st January and I CAN NOT tell you how relieved I am that businesses go back into action tomorrow. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this week for a very long time.

Don’t get me wrong, I always make a new year’s resolution or two – but this year I have a list of goals and actions rather than a stereotypical “drink less wine” resolutions (which, tbf, was my resolution last year and I achieved it haha). Here’s what I am going to achieve in 2019:

  1. start a business:ย ok, yes I already have a children’s party business – but that was built on my skills rather than my passions. 2019 i’m creating something I am truly passionate about
  2. have savings for a house: I’m not aiming for huge savings or to be any where near buying but to have a little bit saved with the mindset to buy a place is the goal…there’s too many other things I want to spend my money on this year. Like…
  3. travel to Asia a lot: I left my heart in Asia around 3 years ago. I lived in the east for 4 years and deep down inside I know it’s where I want to be. Maybe I wont move back there this year, but I will definitely visit as much as I can.
  4. have a regular presenting job: something i’ve wanted to break into for a while now but i’ve not that the connections to give it a true go, well going into 2019 I do and I’m exited to see where they may take me. I have my eye on one or two particular roles.
  5. have regular model work: modelling is somethings i’ve fallen in and out of love with, and now i’m in love with it again. I’ve just signed with a new agency and I have really good vibes.
  6. book 3 commercials (one more than last year): I guess this ties in with the model work. But to up my commercials would be great!
  7. do yoga at least once a week: I love yoga!! but I very easily fall out of routine – and also, it’s damn expensive for the good classes. But i’ve realised, for my mental health and my physical health, it’s worth the investment.
  8. be ready to start my yoga certification at the end of 2019: I don’t have aspirations to become a yoga teacher – but to have a certification is something i’ve always wanted to have, just incase ya know! Another string to my belt should I say.
  9. find love: i don’t need to explain this one.
  10. have lots of disposable income: yep, i’m gonna be rich babes!!!

and as i’ve been typing these, i’ve just thought of another thing I want to achieve in January. It’s usually a quite month work wise and so I’m going to invest my time into an online short course.

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It’s a little daunting, there’s a lot of things on that list! Way more than my average of 1. But I am refusing to live another year like the last, to be as un happy as i’ve been and so my word for the year is ACTION. I’m taking action and I’m turning my life around. I’m going to live the life i’ve always imagined.

I’d love to know your word for the year, and any goals you have! Big or small.

lot’s of love



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